All scientific publications that result from the research efforts of QCUMbER are publically available via the arXiv paper repository. If you do not have journal access, you can follow the arXiv links, which will take you to the same versions of the papers as the published journal versions.









preprints only

  • Implementing random unitaries in an imperfect photonic network
    R. Burgwal, W. R. Clements, D. H. Smith, J. C. Gates, W. S. Kolthammer, J. J. Renema, and I. A.Walmsley
    [ arXiv:1704.01945]
  • Monitoring dispersive samples with single photons: the role of frequency correlations
    E. Roccia, M. G. Genoni, L. Mancino, I. Gianani, M. Barbieri, and M. Sbroscia
    [ arxiv:1712.06860]
  • Classical evolution of quantum systems
    J. Sperling and I. A. Walmsley
    [ arxiv:1802.02807]
  • A two-way quantum interface for linking Sr+ transition at 422nm to the telecommunications C-band
    T. A. Wright, R. J. A. Francis-Jones, C. B. E. Gawith, J. N. Becker, P. M. Ledingham, P. G. R. Smith,J. Nunn, P. J. Mosley, B. Brecht, and I. A. Walmsley
    [ arxiv:1802.07947]
  • Preparation of quantum states with regular P functions
    B. Kühn and W. Vogel
    [ arxiv:1803.08855]
  • Law of total probability for atmospheric quantum channels
    D. Vasylyev, W. Vogel, and A. A. Semenov
    [ arxiv:1804.00172]
  • Tailoring Non-Gaussian Continuous-Variable Graph States
    M. Walschaers, S. Sarkar, V. Parigi, and N. Treps
    [ arxiv:1804.09444]
  • Quantum-limited time-frequency estimation through mode-selective photon measurement
    J. M. Donohue, V. Ansari, J. Řeháček, Z. Hradil, B. Stoklasa, M. Paúr, L. L. Sánchez-Soto, and Ch.Silberhorn
    [ arxiv:1805.02491]
  • Multiparameter quantum estimation of noisy phase shifts
    E. Roccia, V. Cimini, M. Sbroscia, I. Gianani, L. Ruggiero, L. Mancino, M. G. Genoni, M. A. Ricci and M. Barbieri
    [ arxiv:1805.02561]
  • A high dynamic range optical detector for measuring single photons and bright light
    J. Tiedau, E. Meyer-Scott, T. Nitsche, S. Barkhofen, T. J. Bartley, and Ch. Silberhorn
    [ arxiv:1805.05881]
  • Violating Bell inequalities with entangled optical frequency combs and multi-pixel homodyne detection
    W. N. Plick, F. Arzani, N. Treps, E. Diamanti, and D. Markham
    [ arxiv:1805.06059]
  • Continuity of measurement outcomes
    J. Sperling
    [ arxiv:1805.12404]
  • Recovering the dynamics of optical frequency combs from phase-amplitude noise correlations measurements
    V. Thiel, J. Roslund, S. De, C. Fabre, and N. Treps
    [ arxiv:1806.02198]
  • Space-time duality and quantum temporal imaging
    G. Patera, D. Horoshko, and M. Kolobov
    [ arxiv:1806.11181]
  • High-performance source of indistinguishable entangled photon pairs based on hybrid integrated-bulk optics
    E. Meyer-Scott, N. Prasannan, C. Eigner, V. Quiring, J. M. Donohue, S. Barkhofen, and Ch. Silberhorn
    [ arxiv:1807.10092]
  • Certification of Gaussian boson sampling using two-point correlators
    D. S. Phillips, M. Walschaers, J. J. Renema, I. A. Walmsley, N. Treps, and J. Sperling
    [ arxiv:1807.11294]
  • Fabrication limits of waveguides in nonlinear crystals and their impact on quantum optics applications
    Matteo Santandrea, Michael Stefszky, Vahid Ansari and Christine Silberhorn
    [ arxiv:1809.08802]